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About Winsshi

WINSSHI platform is a product of aspiring and innovative mind both in blockchain and gaming platform. The company's role is to decentralize the gaming industry which will be beneficial to daily gamers. The company's main aim is to develop a robust and technologically advanced solution that will be useful for all users.

Coin Information

Coin Name: WINSSHI
Symbol: WNS
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 WNS
Decimal: 18
Price: 0.01 USD
Smart Contract: 0x4a0eedf6e95581cda46a767e612e83731c0cd418
2 Million USDT

Soft Cap

2 Million USD

Hard Cap

5 Million USD


If Soft cap is not achieved then the invested amount will be refunded to ICO Investor`s respective wallet .


We have a Bonus for large Investors.

Purchase more WNS Coins and we will credit extra bonus coins as described below:-

  • Purchase 10,000,00 WNS (10K USD ) then get 30% extra WNS Coins
  • Purchase 3,000,00 WNS (3K USD ) then get 20% extra WNS Coins

Referral System



All the coin holders are entitled to get monthly revenue that is being generated through the WINSSHI platform from various sources.

As long as their coin is WNS Mainnet, the revenues will be given to the investors USDT wallet directly.

WINSSHI will distribute 50% of the profit to all the coin holders in equal proportion every month.

If WINSSHI gets a profit of 10 million USD then 50% of the profit that is equal to 5 million USD will be distributed among the investors USDT wallet as per their coin holding.


Upcoming Games

Speed 5

Launch Date : January 2021

Dark Night Rider

Launch Date : February 2021

Red Sonza Warrios

Launch Date :March 2021

Hide Stone

Launch Date : April 2021

Universal Soldier

Launch Date : April 2021
Meet Our Team

Management Team

Gerard Haisma
Project Head
Chief Investment Officer

Technical Team

Manish Soni
Project Manager
Manami Singh
UI/UX Designer
Nitesh Bijawat
Blockchain Developer
Misha Panjwani
Back End Developer

Advisor Team

Pramod Choudhary
Samson Alani
Finance Advisor
DK Karan
Legal Advisor
Lilmusbi BabaNla
Marketing Advisor

Our Roadmap

  • 2018(aug-sep)
    Conceptual design and team building
  • 2018 (nov-dec)
    Block chain mechanism development
  • 2019(feb-mar)
    Gaming platform framework
  • 2019(jun-jul)
    Team building and technology awareness
  • 2019(sep-oct)
    Office space acquisition
  • 2019(nov-dec)
    White paper creation and smart contract creation
  • 2020(jan-feb)
    First private sale sold out
  • 2020(mar-apr)
    Strategic partnership with various gaming companies
  • 2020(may-jun)
    2nd private sale sold out
  • 2020(jul-oct)
    Starting of ICO
  • 2020(nov-dec)
    Listing of WNS coin in Binance,bittrex,kucoin and okex
  • 2021(jan-feb)
    WINSSHI gaming platform BETA version release
  • 2021(mar-apr)
    Profit sharing module initiation
  • 2021(may-jun)
    WINSSHI mainnet and products release
  • 2021(jul-aug)
    Listing of WNS coin in other exchanges
  • 2021(sep-oct)
    WNS coin burning
  • 2021(nov-dec)
    WINSSHI Hackathon
  • 2022(Jan-feb)
    Global gaming hub creation
  • 2022(mar-apr)
    WINSSHI mobile application for various games and apps
  • 2022(may-jun)
    WINSSHI operating system powered by blockchain
  • 2022(jul-aug)
    Office acquisition in India, South Korea, Brazil, NEW Zealand, and south Africa
  • 2022(Sep-oct)
    WNS coin burning
  • 2023(jan-feb)
    Strategic partnership with various Advertisement companies and tech companies
  • 2023(jun-jul)
    WINSSHI IPO in USA stock exchange


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